The headquarters of the company are located in Austrian city Spital am Pyhrn. Initially, in 1988, the Alois Edler company was founded in Austria and named after its creator. The company dealt performed coating of the Estrich floors, thermal insulation of floors and roofs. An optimal combination of thermal insulation system has been created after long practical experiments, resulting in a brand new thermal insulation product Thermowhite certified as a thermal and sound insulation system. In 2015, the company was renamed Thermowhite GmbH.

Currently, Thermowhite system is widely used throughout Europe and in Russia. Thermowhite trademark is registered and the production technology is patented in these countries. The company has created a private research team developing and manufacturing new products for thermal insulation of premises. Today, in addition to processing of thermal insulation materials, the company also manufactures and sells Thermowhite raw materials, as well as develops the equipment for manufacturing, processing and installing them on the construction site.
Thermowhite has operated in Latvia since 2014; the first largest objects, where innovative thermal insulation system has been coated, are multifunctional centre Liepajas Dzintars and Exupéry International School in Pinki.

ThermoWhite – better thermal insulation

ThermoWhite values

We create the product we believe in and the environment that our employees want to belong to and customers want to return to. We appreciate our cooperation with the customers and implement both small and large projects. Both the companies and the individuals are among our customers. The work of a united and professional team on behalf of a common goal allows us to achieve the maximum result.