Energy Globe Environmental Sustainability Award

19.02 2020 News

Thermowhite was awarded the Energy Globe Environmental Sustainability Award for the durability and ecological sustainability of its product at the beginning of September. We are truly proud and thank our international partners — Alois Edler, Christian Edler, Thomas Eisinger, as well as all Thermowhite partners in Latvia and Scandinavia, whose long-term cooperation approves the quality of Thermowhite products, very much.


Green Energy and Environmental Sustainability Award. Energy Globe Award is currently the most prestigious environmental award in the world. With more than 187 involved countries and approximately 2,000 project applications annually. Projects at regional, national and global level saving and allowing to use renewable resources are examined. For example, by using renewable or emission-free resources to produce energy. Awards ceremonies are taking place all over the world. It aims at attracting global attention to sustainable environmental solutions applicable everywhere and motivating people to be active in this field.

Thermowhite has developed a special recycling technology that allows to process hazardous EPS waste and convert it into high-quality raw materials for insulation. The resulting extruded polystyrene granules are then mixed with a special mineral base mixture to obtain the highest-quality insulation material that can be used for thermal insulation of floors, attics and flat roofs.


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